Piloting with senior users and social circles in Austria, Bulgaria and Slovenia

According to the WHO, a key issue for public-health action is dealing with the sheer diversity of cultural, behavioural, health, and functional states experienced by older people, and in choosing sites for pilot testing, the partners have tried to encompass as broad and diverse a cohort as possible reflecting different cultures, environments, lifestyles, levels of activity, and behaviours.


The Austrian care system is very advanced with a high level of quality of life for the elderly, while Slovenia has significantly lesser life quality standards owing to slower economic development, and Bulgaria represents a more extreme situation, with very high poverty, secluded village living, and a non-technologically enabled elderly population.


SAAM innovative solutions will integrate user centered design and our team will engage senior users in all development stages through iteration sessions.


  • In Austria, the project will focus on independent living at home.
  • In Bulgaria, testing will focus on integrated care services at home for the elderly with chronic diseases and and fragilites of age.
  • In Slovenia, we will focus on testing centralized smart home facilities for elderly people with specific physical limitations.

Check our RESOURCES and NEWS sections to see the outcome of the pilots.